You would like to learn how to express yourself and to speak more effectively, and how to present yourself to the best advantage?
You are a manager, or a director and your professional duties involve you in communicating in English, or in French as a foreign language in the context of your particular job?w/p

You already have a reasonable level of expertise in these languages, but you would like to improve your linguistic fluency and gain more confidence vis-à-vis your interlocutors in their native language?

If the answer to these questions is 'yes' then I am able to offer you coaching in English, and in French as a foreign language, which will help you to optimize your linguistic resources.

Who could benefit?

You are a director, manager, part of a group project, or member of an established team or a team in the making.

This language coaching is designed for those:
• who experience difficulty in making themselves properly understood during meetings,
• who break into a cold sweat at the thought of making a presentation,
• who feel nervous when faced with an important negotiation,
• who tend to hand over the 'phone to a colleague when a foreign number appears on the screen,
• who feel isolated in the course of a public-relations event,
• who, within their own organization, find it difficult to communicate with foreign colleagues,
• who always feel it necessary to have their written work (e-mails, documents, etc.) checked by a colleague,
• who are doubtful of their ability to understand specific documents,
• who find themselves at a disadvantage when on a business visit abroad.

How we work together

My working method is founded on a psychological and physical approach, concentrating mainly on how you live and verbalize a foreign language.
The emphasis is on building up your self-esteem, your approach to tasks, your feelings and your dynamic in communicating.
I will help you progressively to overcome your mental blocks and to discover your personal 'comfort zone' without changing your own individual style of communicating.

How we go about it

In the first instance :
Initial screening and evaluation to determine your current level of expertise and your future needs.
Definition of indicators of progress.

In the workshop session :
Individual personalized evaluation and programme planning.
Role play.

Follow-up :
Impartial evaluation.
Keeping in contact by telephone and e-mail.
A further screening/evaluation can be carried out as part of the follow-up in order to assess the level of skills acquired.

Practical details

  • Pre-requisite: an advanced level of language skills.
  • Workshop session: individual or group.
  • Duration: cycle of 4 or 5 workshops of a minimum of 2 hours' duration. 6 months of follow-up.
  • Location: at our own site (Linselles) or in your own firm (Lille region, Grand Nord, Paris, Belgium, Luxembourg).
  • Certification: a Certificate of Competence (download as pdf, 162 ko).

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