« Every dialogue is bilingual. » Raimon Panikkar.

You are a professional and your work requires you to communicate in English or in French in a variety of circumstances such as meetings, presentations, negotiations, writing, on the telephone, traveling abroad?

You are a private individual and you would like to be able to communicate better with members of your family living abroad, with foreign friends or when traveling in other countries?


This training will enable you to:
• consolidate your linguistic competence (vocabulary, syntax, grammar),
• improve your comprehension of the spoken word,
• acquire simple and effective automatic reflexes thanks to our technique of memo sentences.

Learn and exploit simple and effective tools, which you will be able to use to improve your self-confidence and to feel more at ease in the different communication situations in which you find yourself. In this way your use of the foreign language will improve your self-esteem and competence and will give you a feeling of real satisfaction and fulfillment.


Our teaching is based on:
• techniques of oral interaction,
• oral comprehension exercises,
• mastering 'memophrases' or mnemonics which will facilitate automatic responses in given situations.

Our teaching key-word: flexibility!

Practical Details

  • Pre-requisites: all levels.
  • Workshop sessions: individual or Group.
  • Location: at our office (Linselles). At your own premises: (Lille region, Grand Nord, Paris, Belgium, Luxembourg).
  • Methodology: in person, by telephone, video-conferencing (Skype).
  • Length of the Course: cycles of 20h, 30h, 40h, in sessions of a minimum of 2 hours.
  • Option of single sessions of 2h, 2 x 2h or 5h to prepare for specific events such as a one-off presentation, a short lecture or a speech.

Your training could also if desired, take place in the context of informal conversation sessions, around the tea-table or in other convivial situations.

Your Trainers

You will be taught by Frederic and Maita Valentin. We have considerable experience of language teaching, allowing us to accommodate and respond to a wide range of levels and needs, both in English and in French as a foreign language.

Frédéric Valentin
10,000 hours of course provision in the professional and business context.
Trainer with : Elsevier Languages (Brussels) Business Language and Communication Center (Courtrai), Eurometropole Language Academy (Courtrai).
Founder of Euro Business Languages “Courses for Business Use” (Brussels).
Branch Manager in England for 2 years.
First Certificate in English in 1978.
Maïta Valentin
5000 hours teaching in a professional context.
Trainer in French as a foreign language since 1990.
Trainer at: Elsevier Languages (Brussels) Business Language and Communication Center (Courtrai), Eurometropole Language Academy (Tournai), Lacos Hasselt…

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